The Introduction of Future Star




“FUTURE STAR FEDERATION OF STUDENT”is a non-profit organization set up on Oct. 20,2005 and registered in accordance with the provisions of section 5A(I) of the Societies Ordinance of Hong Kong.

Initiated by Hong Kong Wen Wei Po, elite students from ten more universities of Hong Kong who had attended National Conditions Training Courses advocated FS.

With support from relevant National departments, Liaison Office of the Central People's Government in Hong Kong and couples of societies  who love the motherland and Hong Kong. "FUTURE STAR FEDERATION OF STUDENT" has developed into the one and only "cross-school" student union in Hong Kong during the last decade and have 4,000 something registered student members up to now. The year 2015 marked FS's 10th anniversary.


FS has been striving for organizing all kinds of activities such as study tours, seminars, contests, helping youth to get a better understand of China, and promoting communication between students from the mainland and HK.

By participating FS, HK youth got to know mainland's national social condition, political system, economic development, education, high-tech achievement, and business administration.  

Moreover, FS has been driving cooperations of youth from both sides in the aspects of Chinese politics, economy, technology, culture, physics, turning them to Future star, the new patriotic generation with responsibility and aspiration.  

Bright Spot

In 10 years since its establishment, consistently-held activities by FS have drawn extensive attentions from all universities of Hong Kong and the whole society.

In study tours, students absorbed the knowledge from prestige universities, harvested friendship with volunteers, gained the working experience from internship, every bit of feelings will be the unforgettable memories in their life ever after.
Today, Hong Kong is in the key period of the economic restructuring and political developing and youth will definitely play significant roles in the big transition. Great youths make a world powerful. One who wins over youths, wins the future.

Tomorrow, FS will still working on discovering, cultivating and gathering the incumbent students who are responsible and aspirational and continually act as a sound platform providing all-round updated mainland info for them with greater scale and publicity.





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